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The Oaks Discord page

This  is a   4x mod   map for Farming Simulator 22 based on a real life location in Cantley, Norfolk, Uk..   whilst i haven't been able to scale all the houses to the exact scale as real life  iv done my best using some great mods ..

I wanted to create this map long before i had even played Farming Simulator or even owned a Pc.. with no past  experience  in Modding i had to read and watch many long  tutorials  to help with this project,.     Iv had to ask many question  and iv been overwhelmed  with the level of support i received , 

     id like to give a special mention to FarmerBob, his tutorials have been a godsend and he's always been able to help and   point me in the right direction when help was needed..  

 Id Also like to give   a special mention to  Farm_Sim_Guy (FSG) for setting me up a private channel in his discord - server  to allow  his trusted followers    to test the map and give me feedback.. 

One more special mention to Dave Langland who has been  along with me since day 1 of this map build and   seen me threw  all the problems iv had to deal with and overcome not only   in making this map but also my private life..    a conversation we had back in  May of 22  is what gave me the inspiration to move forward and create this map ..

I  hope this map  brings   many  people   as many hours of joy  and fun  as it has to create.

the map has taken 8 months to complete and well above 1000 hours which has been difficult at times  but  based on feedback it's been well worth it..

Any mods used in The_Oaks map remain the creation  and ownership of  the Mod creator and it was a great privilege to be able to find such great Mods to suit the  map.

( disclaimer Notice)  while it hasn't gone unnoticed  by  Disturbed his  mod "UK growth calender"  has found it's way into other people's map's  he would gladly help out people if asked. i'm very grateful and appreciative he has  sent me the file  to use in the Oaks map...

( disclaimer Notice)   Iv used 3 red  Barns in the map that most resemble the real life version. i cant remember where or how i found these barns, i had to convert certain  area's to make  these work with no errors.  all credit goes to the original creator and if anyone knows     who  this is please let me know...

what an Amazing Job Argsy has done of the Cinematic  trailer, thank you mate. ;)

huge thank's     for     Mark    for fixing the multi player issues..

The Oaks Discord page

Medium Sized Warehouse by Pascal Kautz

Grain Storages Pack by MefiuFs

English Shed Pack by Lancyboi

English Style Vehicle Barn Set by Lancyboi

Work Shop Pack by Lancyboi

Old Farm Package by [DMI]20mmNormandy

Big Barn by Steves mods

British Bale Shed by BritishMods

ESC Large Shed by DH Modding

Concrete Shed Pack by Dutch-Modding

English Barn Pack by Lancyboi

Grain Silo System by celobuki

Grain Shed Pack by MISSYB

DH Silo by DH Modding

      Meridian Storage Yard by Malidene Modding

Brick Farmhouse by Młody SZY

Chicken Coop by Kamilos0397

Cow Farm Pack by Kamilos0397

Modern Cow Barn by MefiuFs

Old PGR Fence Pack by Didek96

Stone Walls by TopAce888

Silage Shed Pack by Lancyboi

Additional Decoration Package by Piesel

British Farmhouse by MSModding

Metal Fence With Gates by TopAce888

Old Fence And Gate by Didek96

Rustic Brick And Metal Fence by MichalLS

Cowshed Pack by [DMI]20mmNormandy

Large Cowshed by Młody SZY


The Oaks Discord

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Great update, runs much better.  The storage silos read 'Missing 'Shopitem_grainsilosystem' in L10N-EN.xml' when up close though, they still seem to function

wow what a map ..absolutely love this map it is up there as one of my favourite UK maps to date  well done Brisco cant wait to see what else you have ion store for the future  ...is there any sheep pastures on the map or do i need to place my own? 

Hast Du schon eine Autodrive Kurs für deine Map =?

Wäre schon !

Is there any chance that you can make it possible for all fences and hedges and buildings deletable as there's people that want to customise their farm in-game?


it would mean i have to delete every hedge on the map and  re do all hedge's , most building can be sold off, only a select thew that can't, the game comes with  giants editor and gives individuals the ability to customise  there own copy of a map.

Great map, thanks for the work. Testing it out at the moment and am on I'm finding strange issues with the "needs plow" and "needs lime" in that the colours cover huge parts of the map, not just fields. Then I have bought field 71 and some of it has the needs lime status, but applying lime doesn't do anything. e.g. you can see in the view above the strange patterns. Also I have applied lime in the strip behind my tractor but still showing as needing lime.

does it help if you just select one at a time?

No it's the same even if I just have the lime filter on.  You can see me standing on a limed bit here as well and it reports as needing lime.

was it like this on an earlier version because there's definately an issue but it doesnt seem any different from a previous version, i thought i was the multi terrain that caused it but i'm wondering if it's always been like this.

no I was playing on your original version for the past week and the whole map didn’t look that strange ie status just seemed to be on the fields. In fact I bought the same field but it didn’t need lime on that version. I don’t think I did actually apply like to anything to know if it worked. 

If I just swap out the zip to an older version would that allow me to test it? If so which one do you want me to try?

Updated the map on my server, but now getting mod discrepancies error.  

it should prompt if you require a mod etc?

No on a dedicated server it just tell me mod discrepancies, i have all the mods from the first version of the map which works fine, but later updates wont work now. Was something new added ?


Giants updated game Djgoham said some mods are broken

Amazing map, I really like a big map and this is giving me the same vibes as Holme Wold in 19. 

I hadn’t noticed in the other versions but I am also getting a crash to desktop when accessing the map in the menu too. 

Would turning precision farming off be a workaround until it’s fixed? 

Great map though will be putting plenty of hours in to this! 

this crashing issue should now be fixed, download version

that update has sorted it for me thank you, perfect now! 

Having a hard crash when the pda is open and trying to load the soil compostion map

(2 edits)

EDIT: Brisco is working on update for multi terrain which was giving issues for soil composition.

 Thanks for the quick updates and active responses Farm Sim Brisco! Map looks awesome and excited to give it a try soon.

I have downloaded the new version.  In looking at the map view, when I switch pages to show the plow states of the field, the map crashes and game closes.   I have tried this on a clean save with only the required mods and still crashes

The Silo at the central Cow Farm has error with update.   Reads Missing 'Shopitem_grainsilosystem' in L10N-EN.xml

I  have those as well on Warehouse one as well as the Meridians, I created a new save and the items are placed in the map but the icons state the same as you mention.

This map is amazing! Thank you!

there is no download link?

new version being uploaded   give us 20 mins it'll be ready 

ok thanks for the hard work 

you're welcome, map is ready..

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The Diesel Production Unload point trigger only appears if you have bought the production. This affects the completion of the Sunflower Harvest contract on Field 40.

if you want to make diesel you need to buy the complex.

Loving this map so far. Couple things I've noticed. When starting from scratch you still have equipment. Also everything says my farm like I already own it when I don't own the land. When you buy a farm it always starts you out at the farmhouse from new farmer mode. 


Great map, loving it, Ive set up at the farm near field 38 and there is a large grass field attched to this farm, but im unable to mow it or plow it, i own the land and able to place buildings on this area. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Cheers Matt

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I have a problem with Field 74

- The gate goes outwards into the road and blocks the road, not for ai traffic but for autodrive routes on the map

- The boundaries of the field have something weird to it. When i use courseplay it gets stuck in the surrounding trees

Also the potatoharvester get stuck on field 5 and 1..  the low hanging trees over the field is a little to close to the field.

Other than this small issues this is by far my favorite map.. I own a server in Norway and we use this map with courseplay and autodrive 7 players. i let you know if there is some more issues

Sincerely Holmis


Just uploaded an AutoDrive route for you all to enjoy on this brilliant map - 

Hello is there a way you can add more paint texture.  As there is only 5  on the map Thanks  KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP on the updates 

Issues with field 73 it as full hedge bounders around the field. Only way in is cut throw the hedge

At the southwest farm cow barns the manure heap unload triggers are inside the cow barns where you can't get to them. I did not find a slurry load point for either cow barn. Also fields 80 & 82 show pre-planted when starting in new farmer mode but they are not actually planted with anything, ground texture looks like plowed. Thanks

Good evening.

Amazing Job mate. I do love it.

atm I'm tracing the AD routes for it, I will give you the file as soon is ready.
I do have a couple of questions, but I can't find you on discord. do you mind messaging me privately on there? 



Deleted 16 days ago
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can you tell me where the animal dealership is ? also when I try to place 'open cow pasture'  mod to the fields belonging  to the 'southwest" farm its shows 'over lapping existing structure' its open grassland? . GREAT MAP , easily on a par with the best mapmakers , well done

the animal dealer is around centre of the map,    are you saying there's an invisable cow structure in one of the pastures?   i cant say iv ever put one down in those pastures, ill take a'look on my map..

I'll be damned, today it has allowed mt to place the feed troughs.

 I have found the dealers place. SORRY

(3 edits)

Issues with field 33 it as full hedge bounders around the field. Only way in is cut throw the hedge

it has a gate way near the small grass field with no number

sorry it Field 32 

yes your right mate, sorry about this, soon as i have the multi player situation sorted i will release another update with a gate way put in,   maps not even been out a week  yet  so there may be a couple other thing's that need looking at..

thanks. love the map just about finished doing my auto drive  

Also, Field  73 do does not have any access points.

Did you change any mod dependency from V1.0.01 to v1.0.0.2 ? because when I do upload the new one on the server it does not start and the log file goes an infinite " mod dependency missing" 

Great map, very well done. Do the cattle barns accept straw bales? Currently playing on the starting south farm.

i thought it did, i think you have to drive down the centre of the barn, 

(2 edits)

Well Made Map. Loving Map . Nice to see a great UK map. Issues with always come up on new map   .. KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP 


Loving the map. Only issue on a server, the first farm, owns all farms, silos etc and sell points, is there any way to fix this?

iv got someone looking at  this issue so it should get sorted, bare with us for a short while.

Map looks good on initial load. It looks like Field 88 needs to be defined in the xml (it didn't create on my load) and I came across one spot missing some buildings (I loaded all files listed above) - only recommendation I have would be to use more in-game assets to reduce dependence on additional mods (personal preference, you do you!). Other than what I've mentioned, looks fantastic and can tell you've put a TON of effort into it. Looking fwd to enjoying this map.

hI mate, thanks  for the feed back.  field 88 has field boundaries and is set up  slightly different to the fields that has arrible crops as its' set to being a grass only field, i wanted a few small fields dotted around the map that only ever grew grass, it still has field  boundaries  and works the same hence it's got a field number..    it would have been easier to use giants in house items but the one's i have used look a little more British and fitting to the area.   

(1 edit)

Awesome on the fields however my field 88 loaded with no grass - just the painted green texture. If it happens again on load of the map update, I'll look for conflicts first and if none - get you a screen. Thanks again for the great map!

Vielen Dank für die Info

Hey buddy is there multi terrain on this map as it does not look like it when we cut the field the first time we go nothing out and when the grass grew back in in allowed us to cut and we got somthing out can you have a look 

it's something that id like to add, i will do my best to get this done

the map looks good but is there any chance you can fix MP as farm 1 owns all sell points and farms no mater what farm 2 buys

I’ll take a look but I don’t think sell points are listed to a farm id.   What mode do you start the game in? If you start from scratch farm 1 doesn’t own any land.

we start as farm manager and have 2 farms and the first farm that is set up owns all farms and silos and triggers, animal pastures and the 2nd farm can buy a farm but wont be able to use any thing

looking into this ,  bare with us.

yes mate someone has offered to look at this issues bare with us.

hello one question

Is there an autodrive course for the map `?

Deleted 17 days ago
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Love this new map, great job for a 1st go at it. Quick question, does it have the relight mod already built in? I can’t tell if it’s working with this map or which setting in additional settings to use, the oaks custom lighting or sample folder.

no mate, i left it as your personal choice if you wanted custom lighting.

buildings dont show up when i open map have downloaded all mods

which buildings do you think are missing?

all the farm sheds and farm house 

download the list of mods above and the buildings will appear

(1 edit)

ive done that and they still dont show up


did you start the game in multiplayer? i'd imagine you need to start a new savegame in career mode making sure the required mods are selected

Double-check your mod folder

id you have down loaded all the mods and placed them in the mods folder everything should show up, it will only be missing on the map if the respective mod isnt in the mods folder..